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Free Jewelry Display Tote in All Starter Kits

Success Is in the Bag! -Paparazzi Bling Bag Promo


Life is busy!  The chaos of daily life has brought a number of new and creative ways for Paparazzi Consultants to party for a living. While home parties are still a staple, we now find Paparazzi parties dominating Facebook feeds, and it’s not uncommon to find customers feeding their $5 habit on the sidelines of a soccer game or in the checkout line at the grocery store.  Now, more than ever, it pays to be ready to party at the drop of a hat.  After all, you never know when you’re going to encounter your next $5 fanatic!

During the month of October, new Consultants will truly be ready to party anytime, anywhere,because every Starter Kit purchase will include a FREE Jewelry Display Tote!  That’s a $34.99 value absolutely FREE!

Affectionately known as the “bling bag,” this black leather tote features a variety of clear pockets on each side of the exterior, perfect for showcasing your irresistible $5 accessories. Bright pink fabric lines its roomy interior, which means your on-the-go shoppers can browse a variety of styles and you can fill your pockets with even more of that fabulous green!

Every Starter Kit purchased during the month of October will include a FREE Jewelry Display Tote; setting your newest team members up for a phenomenal fall season no matter how they choose to party!  Those who enroll with a Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) or Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) will receive their FREE Jewelry Display Tote in their Starter Kit box the moment it arrives at their doorstep, while those who enroll with a Preview Pack ($99) will have their FREE Jewelry Display Tote included on their next Paparazzi order.*

Success is in the bag this season, so get ready to party!   JOIN HERE

*When purchasing the Preview Pack ($99), the free Jewelry Display Tote will not be available until 48 business hours after enrollment. Once the 48 business hours have passed, the free Jewelry Display Tote will be added to the first order placed via the new Consultant’s Back Office. A minimum of one regular priced item must be added to the shopping cart for the Jewelry Display Tote to be included on the order.  Order for free Jewelry Display Tote must be placed before 11:59 PM ET on November 30, 2018.  Standard shipping rates apply.  Free Jewelry Display Tote included in original shipment of Small or Large Home Party Starter Kits.Offer only available to new Paparazzi Consultants. Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on October 1, 2018 and 11:59 PM ET on October 31, 2018. Free Jewelry Display Tote only available while supplies last.

Get 10 Free Accessories

Paparazzi Promotion July 2018


Get Your FREE Summer Party Pack


Lots of Free Jewelry With Paparazzi This Month!

Lots of sunshine, longer days, and endless party potential make the summer season a perfect platform for Paparazzi success. Whether you plan to live stream poolside or load up your bling bag and take it to the ballpark, this season is the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat on your Paparazzi jewelry business.  During the month of July, you’ll really make a splash with a FREE Summer Party Pack!

Loaded with 10 assorted accessories, the exclusive Summer Party Pack will be the talk of the season – and only those who qualify will receive one!

Throughout the month of July, when you place an order of 150 PV or more, you’ll receive a Summer Party Pack for FREE!  That’s 10 extra accessories absolutely FREE!  Whether you choose to use these bonus pieces as exclusive Hostess Rewards for your sizzling summer parties or sell them for 100% profit, your Paparazzi fans will flock to see what all the buzz is about.

This Acts As A Paparazzi Join Special!


New Consultants won’t be left behind!  We are including one Summer Party Pack in every Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) and two Summer Party Packs in every Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) purchased during the month of July. If there was ever a perfect time to join Paparazzi,            NOW would be it!

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Looks like your summer just got a little hotter!
Summer Party Pack only available while supplies last.  Order of 150 PV must be on one single order placed between 12:00 AM ET on July 1, 2018 and 11:59 PM ET on July 31, 2018.  Orders cannot be combined to qualify.  Orders exceeding 150 PV will not qualify for multiple Summer Party Packs.  For example, an order of 300 PV will not qualify for a second Summer Party Pack.  However, additional orders of 150 PV each can be placed throughout the month to receive more Summer Party Packs if desired while supplies last.  Retail orders do not qualify.