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Paparazzi Consultant Special: Free Zi Necklaces in All Starter Kits This Month

Free Zi Collection Pieces in ALL Paparazzi Starter Kits!


Living the BLING life is more than just having access to the trendiest and most affordable jewelry around.  Living the BLING life means that you hold the very sparkly keys to a future that people only dare to dream of. A future that is debt-free.  A future that can be built completely on your own terms.  A future that allows you to be paid what you’re worth.  A future that can be anything you want it to be.

I’m inviting YOU to live the BLING life. Paparazzi Accessories has added a little extra sparkle to every Starter Kit during the month of June!  That’s right!  Every Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party this month will receive gorgeous statement pieces from the Zi Collection for FREE!

  • Preview Pack ($99) – 1 Free Zi Collection Necklace
  • Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) – 3 Free Zi Collection Necklaces
  • Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) – 5 Free Zi Collection Necklaces

There’s never been a better time to start living the BLING life! Can’t wait to get started?

Join Now
*Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on June 1, 2018 and 11:59 PM ET on June 30, 2018.  Free Zi Collection pieces will be included in the original order. Offer only available to new Paparazzi Consultants.

Free Accessories In All Paparazzi Starter Kits

Catch the $5 Fever!

As a Paparazzi Consultant, you get to share a product that makes women feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank.  Every single day, people walk away from the parties you throw with their head held high and a smile painted on their face.  Not many people get to say that their job is to change the world $5 at a time, but YOU do – and that energy is contagious!

It’s not long after you catch that $5 fever that symptoms start to show.  You will smile more.  You’ll carry yourself with more confidence.  You’ll start to empower others.  You’ll begin to see a shift in your family’s financial situation.  You’ll develop incredible friendships.  And you’ll have fun building a career that literally lets you PARTY for a living!

January is the best time to catch that famous $5 fever because every Consultant who joins the Paparazzi party this month will receive extra accessories for FREE inside their Starter Kit!

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Here’s To You- Paparazzi Customer Appreciation Month


Customer Appreciation Month

Behind the explosive growth we’ve seen throughout 2017, there are tens of thousands of Consultants, their supportive family members, and countless loyal customers whose $5 habits are fueling the Paparazzi mission to bring strength, independence, and empowerment to individuals and their families. This month, we get to raise our glasses to those $5 fashion fanatics by offering them a free gift with every online purchase of $35 or more!

Customers who place a qualifying order during the month of November will receive the wildly popular necklace and earring set, Toast to Perfection in a dramatic new color scheme for FREE!

Toast to Perfection showcases clusters of black beads and sparkling white rhinestones that dance along a silver chain to create an effervescently elegant statement piece. Perfectly refined with endless appeal, this timeless piece is both versatile and stunning!

To qualify for their free gift, a customer needs to place one single order of $35 or more online only at PaparazziAccessories.com

This is the perfect opportunity to take care of their holiday shopping and for you to pick up some extra holiday cash. Here’s to the $5 fanatics everywhere!

Thank you for an incredible year!

Free gift available while supplies last. Limit of one free gift per qualifying order. In the event that Toast to Perfection in black sells out, another free gift will be included in qualifying orders. Qualifying orders must be placed through the online retail shopping cart at shop.paparazziaccessories.com or entered via the Party Dashboard in the Back Office between 12:00 AM ET on November 1, 2017 and 11:59 PM ET on November 30, 2017. Free gift is only available to retail customers. Consultant orders will not qualify. Free gift does not carry any PV and will not generate retail profit. Exclusive free gift is not available for purchase. Total of $35 must be reached before applicable taxes or shipping fees. Orders cannot be combined to qualify.



Introducing the Zi Collection- Paparazzi’s Signature Series

The Zi Collection Has Arrived!
The legendary Zi Collection is strutting itself right off the runway!  The gorgeous statement pieces consultants and customers once drooled over exclusively at convention every year are now available for purchase 365 days a year for $25!

Unforgettably show stopping and irresistibly iconic, the Zi Collection is a unique line of exclusive statement pieces designed to dazzle. Each piece of the Zi Collection shines a little more brightly, sparkles a little more brilliantly, and flaunts as much attitude as the person who wears it.  These bold, exaggerated designs emphasize familiar characteristics that have shaped the original PaparazziCollections and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.  As Founder, Misty Kirby says, the Zi Collection is the “BLING of all BLING!”

The Signature Series

At our annual convention each fall, new pieces of the Zi Collection make their debut.  Known as the Signature Series, these new additions are named in honor of Consultants who have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone and right onto the catwalk.

Our Zi Collection models become the envy of the crowd as they get to unveil the gorgeous new designs to throngs of adoring fans.  Their moment in the spotlight is then immortalized as their Signature Seriespiece becomes available to the masses.

FREE Keepsake Bag!

With every Zi Collection necklace you purchase, you will receive a beautiful black velvet keepsake bag!

*While supplies last.  Offer applies to Consultant and retail customer purchases made through the online shopping cart at paparazziaccessories.com.

Selfie September

Selfie September – Snap A Selfie & Win!

Paparazzi Accessories has given Consultants access to the life they always dreamed of.  Whether they have access to buy new school clothes for their children without worry, book a plane ticket for their dream vacation without a thought, cover the cost of a car repair with no stress, or create priceless lifelong friendships – Paparazzi has been the catalyst.

When you have access to your dreams, your confidence will soar!  These newfound levels of confidence are be-YOU-tiful and it’s time to celebrate with the Selfie September Sweepstakes!

During the month of September, we’re inviting you to share your be{YOU}tiful moments on social media and win BIG!

****Open to consultants AND customers.****
Here’s how it works!
  1. Print off the official Selfie September message strip, and fill it out with your own personal touch.  What has Paparazzi given you access to?
  2. Fill in the blanks – and don’t forget your Consultant ID if you have one. Snap a selfie of you wearing Paparazziand holding the message strip. Let your pets, children, friends, and family support YOU off camera.
  3. Post your selfie on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using the hashtag; #ACCESSPaparazzi and tag Paparazzi Accessories!

Paparazzi Accessories select a random winner EVERY DAY during the month of September. Every selfie you post is another entry into the contest, with the grand prize drawing happening on October 3, 2017.

Daily winners will receive a range of prizes like Paparazzi branded apparel, business tools, new and exclusive jewelry, and more!

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a Paparazzi goodie bag stuffed with accessories from the fall collection, NEW branded apparel, and many more surprises!

Are YOU ready to celebrate what Paparazzi has given you access to? Show us what you’re made of during Selfie September!

Free Accessories in Paparazzi Starter Kits This Month

Turn Up the Heat with a FREE Summer Party Pack

Summer brings a fresh new spin on Paparazzi.  Family gatherings, big outdoor events, and long summer nights bring lots of party potential. This July, whether you choose to live stream a party poolside or fill up your bling bag and take it with you to the ballpark, it’s time to turn up the heat with a FREE Summer Party Pack!

Loaded with 10 assorted accessories in everything from the hottest summer trends to bestselling classics, this exclusive collection will be the talk of the season – and only those who qualify will receive one!

Throughout the month of July, consultants who order 125 PV or more, will receive an exclusive Summer Party Pack for FREE!*  That’s 10 extra accessories absolutely FREE!  Whether you choose to use these bonus pieces as exclusive Hostess Rewards for your sizzling summer parties or sell them for 100% profit, Paparazzi fans will flock to see what all the buzz is about.

What does the Summer Party Pack include?  Seed beads, bling, colorful accents, and inspirational phrases are just some of the surprises you’ll find inside this smoldering set of accessories.

New Consultants won’t be left behind! 

Paparazzi is  including a Summer Party Pack in every Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) and THREE Summer Party Packs in every Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) purchased during the month of July. If there was ever a perfect time to join Paparazzi, NOW would be it!

Looks like your summer just got a little hotter!


*Summer Party Pack available while supplies last.  Order of 125 PV must be on one single order placed between 12:00 AM ET on July 1, 2017 and 11:59 PM ET on July 31, 2017.  Orders cannot be combined to qualify.  Orders exceeding 125 PV will not qualify for multiple Summer Party Packs.  For example, an order of 250 PV will not qualify for a second Summer Party Pack.  However, additional orders of 125 PV each can be placed throughout the month to receive more Summer Party Packs if desired.  Retail orders do not qualify.

A Promotion to Make Paparazzi Convention Even More Fun!


The glittery lights of Las Vegas attract millions of visitors every year.  Some are enticed by the warm desert sun, some seek out the finest foods and entertainment available, while others choose to pamper themselves with a visit to the spa and a night on the town.  No matter what the initial attraction may be, there is no denying that those who make the trek to fabulous Las Vegas are on a quest for an experience they’ll never forget.

If you’re coming to Las Vegas this fall for ALL Access, you already know you’re in for the time of your life. Training, recognition, shopping, and giveaways are just some of the many activities we have planned to leave any Paparazzi Consultant inspired and ready to take on the world.

And now they’ve upped the ante!

Those who join Paparazzi  in Las Vegas for ALL Access will get to bet their BLING and enter to win some fabulous prizes!  Fashion Fix subscriptions, Zi Collection pieces, free convention tickets for 2018, and more are all up for grabs!  Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Collect as many BLING Bits as you can between May 1st and June 30th.
Step 2: Join them in Las Vegas for ALL Access!  They’ll have all of your BLING Bits waiting for you, so you don’t have to worry about losing them or forgetting to bring them.
Step 3: Drop your BLING Bits into any of the prize drawings you can’t live without.  Want to put all of your BLING Bits into the drawing for a new iPad?  You can do that!  Want to spread your BLING Bits out among each one of the prizes?  Totally your call!

You can earn BLING Bits for a variety of reasons!  The best part is – there is NO LIMIT to the number of BLING Bits you can earn!  Here’s how you can stack the deck in your favor:

  • Register for ALL Access = 1 BLING Bit
  • Personally Sponsored ALL Access Registrant = 1 BLING Bit
  • Sponsor New Enrollments (awarded to Sponsor):
    • $99 Preview Pack = 1 BLING Bit
    • $299 Small Home Party Starter Kit = 3 BLING Bits
    • $499 Large Home Party Starter Kit = 5 BLING Bits
  • Personally Sponsored Active Consultants
    • 5 personally sponsored active Consultants = 1 BLING Bit
  • Join Paparazzi (awarded to new Consultants):
    • $99 Preview Pack = 1 BLING Bit
    • $299 Small Home Party Starter Kit = 3 BLING Bits
    • $499 Large Home Party Starter Kit = 5 BLING Bits
  • Personal Volume
    • 200 PV = 1 BLING Bit
  • Fashion Fix
    • Personal Fashion Fix Subscription Order = 1 BLING Bit
    • Personally Sponsored Fashion Fix Subscription Order = 1 BLING Bit
  • Rank Advancement
    • Director & Premier Director = 1 BLING Bit
    • Executive Director & Producer = 2 BLING Bits
    • Premier Producer = 3 BLING Bits
    • Executive Producer (or above) = 5 BLING Bits

When you arrive at ALL Access, you can either redeem your BLING Bits for an INSTANT prize, or you can BET your BLING for a chance to win one of our larger prizes.  Paparazzi is giving away exclusive Paparazzi branded collectibles, stays at the Hard Rock, and more.

While all Consultants will be eligible to earn BLING Bits, only those who are registered attendees at ALL Access will be able to redeem them.  Register now at ALLAccess2017.com!

Are you ready to unlock your potential?
You bet your BLING!
Terms and Conditions

You Bet Your BLING promotion will include all activity between 12:00 AM ET on May 1, 2017 through 11:59 PM ET on June 30, 2017.  Those who qualify for BLING Bits will be notified weekly by email.  Additionally, a notification will be included in Consultant orders as a cumulative total of 200 PV is reached. BLING Bits will be available for pick up at the registration desk for ALL Access onsite at the Hard Rock beginning at 2:00 PM on Monday, July 31, 2017.
The number of personally sponsored active Consultants will not roll over from May to June.  BLING Bit calculations for personally sponsored active Consultants will be considered separately for May and June.
A Fashion Fix subscription order is considered successful when it is paid for during processing on the 20th of the month.  This requires the Consultant to maintain current, updated billing information on their Fashion Fix profile.  To earn BLING Bits for the successful Fashion Fix orders of your personally-sponsored Consultants, you must have your own personal successful Fashion Fix order process that month.
Prizes can only be redeemed by the Consultant whose ID number is written on the winning BLING Bit.  A Consultant must be a registered attendee and must be present at ALL Access in order to redeem their BLING Bits and claim their prizes.
Prizes not redeemable for cash.  Winners must be in good standing with Paparazzi Accessories and compliant with the terms and conditions set forth in the policies and procedures.  Paparazzi reserves the right to adjust giveaway prizes in the case of unforeseen circumstances.  In such cases, Paparazzi may substitute a prize.

3 Reasons Why Customers Make the Best Business Owners

  Why Paparazzi Customers Make the Best Business Owners

 We all keep a list of our favorite things. Some lists contain our favorite song, drink, vacation destination, clothing store, or hobby; however, there is one item that pops up on the top of everyone’s list and that is our favorite food. You may have a favorite dessert or comfort food you gravitate to when you’re feeling blue or, perhaps, there is a treasured restaurant that you visit often because quite simply − you crave it. We enjoy eating our favorite foods because they leave us feeling satisfied. This satisfaction prompts us to crave our favorite foods and more often than not, thoughts of those foods become so persistent that we eventually appease our appetite.

We all truly crave our favorite things, but do your customers crave Paparazzi? Do they crave the product, the energetic party environment, and the elated feeling they get from being a part of the fun? Every time they attend a party do they leave wanting more? Do they talk about the experience often? Do they come back to your next party or event in search of their next serving of Paparazzi and all it offers? Have you appeased their appetite?

Those who are customers before becoming Consultants have a higher rate of success with their Paparazzi business. The most effective team members are those who have physically interacted with the product prior to joining the Paparazzi family. This interaction is most commonly achieved by attending a party or event. In some cases, customers may have consistent buying opportunities with a Consultant one-on-one, but these are few and far between.  Why do customers make the best Consultants?

They Believe In The Product.  As customers before Consultants, they bought the product. They wore it, they received compliments while wearing it, and now they love it!  You can’t fake that excitement!

They Know How The Business Works.  At a party, customers interact with the product, but more importantly, they interact with other guests. They are mindful of guests’ excitement. They witness firsthand a Consultant making retail profit as they watch the cash flow. They see everyone – including the Consultant – enjoying themselves. They see the business model in action and recognize that it can be easily duplicated and powerful.

They Have Enthusiasm For The Product.  It is easier to sell a product when others can sense your excitement for that product. Others see your joy and naturally want to participate. If a Consultant has been on the retail end of our product, they know exactly what a customer is experiencing…Pure jewelry bliss.

5 Ways To Wear A Scarf Necklace


Undeniably the most versatile piece in Paparazzi’s history, our scarf necklace features FIVE different ways to accessorize: Open Layer, Loop, Traditional Wrap, Double Knot, and Nautical Knot. the scarf necklace, with its limitless versatility, is the perfect piece for every occasion.

  • Open Layer: Simply drape the scarf necklace around the neck and go! The tassels add some dramatic length to the piece and elongate any body type. Feel free to layer with other necklaces of any length!
  • Loop Through: Fold the scarf necklace in half so that the tassels are together at one end and a loop forms at the other. While folded, lay the necklace across the back of the neck. Pull the tassels through the loop. Shake this look up by tightening or loosening the fit or twisting the piece to lay asymmetrically on the neckline.
  • Traditional Wrap: Hold the necklace by the tassels and cross them behind the neck. Gently pull the tassels forward until desired fit is achieved.
  • Double Knot: Drape the scarf necklace around the neck in the “Open Layer” design. Tie the chain into a double knot by crossing the tassels over each other. For variation, adjust the placement of the double knot to lengthen or shorten the ends of the necklace.
  • Nautical Knot: Drape the scarf necklace around the neck in the “Open Layer” design. Holding both tassels together, create a loop by crossing them over the remaining length of the chain. Pull the tassels through the loop to complete the look. For variation, adjust the placement of the knot or begin with an uneven “Open Layer” to stagger the length of the free-flowing ends of the necklace.

This gorgeous new accessory is available in silver, gold, and gunmetal tones.

A single strand of spiraling, interlocking links with light-catching texture is anchored by two tassels of chain that add dramatic length to SCARFed For Attention