3 Reasons Why Customers Make the Best Business Owners

  Why Paparazzi Customers Make the Best Business Owners

 We all keep a list of our favorite things. Some lists contain our favorite song, drink, vacation destination, clothing store, or hobby; however, there is one item that pops up on the top of everyone’s list and that is our favorite food. You may have a favorite dessert or comfort food you gravitate to when you’re feeling blue or, perhaps, there is a treasured restaurant that you visit often because quite simply − you crave it. We enjoy eating our favorite foods because they leave us feeling satisfied. This satisfaction prompts us to crave our favorite foods and more often than not, thoughts of those foods become so persistent that we eventually appease our appetite.

We all truly crave our favorite things, but do your customers crave Paparazzi? Do they crave the product, the energetic party environment, and the elated feeling they get from being a part of the fun? Every time they attend a party do they leave wanting more? Do they talk about the experience often? Do they come back to your next party or event in search of their next serving of Paparazzi and all it offers? Have you appeased their appetite?

Those who are customers before becoming Consultants have a higher rate of success with their Paparazzi business. The most effective team members are those who have physically interacted with the product prior to joining the Paparazzi family. This interaction is most commonly achieved by attending a party or event. In some cases, customers may have consistent buying opportunities with a Consultant one-on-one, but these are few and far between.  Why do customers make the best Consultants?

They Believe In The Product.  As customers before Consultants, they bought the product. They wore it, they received compliments while wearing it, and now they love it!  You can’t fake that excitement!

They Know How The Business Works.  At a party, customers interact with the product, but more importantly, they interact with other guests. They are mindful of guests’ excitement. They witness firsthand a Consultant making retail profit as they watch the cash flow. They see everyone – including the Consultant – enjoying themselves. They see the business model in action and recognize that it can be easily duplicated and powerful.

They Have Enthusiasm For The Product.  It is easier to sell a product when others can sense your excitement for that product. Others see your joy and naturally want to participate. If a Consultant has been on the retail end of our product, they know exactly what a customer is experiencing…Pure jewelry bliss.


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